"Giveton has a beautiful sound and feel conception about the music. He’s definitely an important part of the wave of younger musicians who have the intellect, feeling, and intensity to perpetuate the highest levels of our music."
-Wynton Marsalis

"I really love Giveton’s sound and vocal quality that he has when he plays. He is one of the few players that I have heard that actually sings through the horn."
-Roy Hargrove

Intro: The Prayer- Inner Perception: Giveton Gelin

Roy Hargrove Presents: Giveton Gelin Quintet Live at Blue Note Jazz Club 12/01/2018


Giveton Gelin: Trumpet

Philip Norris: Bass

Immanuel Wilkins: Alto Sax

Micah Thomas: Piano

Kyle Benford: Drums


Mr. Matthew: Giveton Gelin

Dedicated to the people affected by Hurricane Matthew. 

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Gelin Gelin is a DaCarbo Artist

Gelin Gelin is a DaCarbo Artist